Monday, September 05, 2016

Train Travel and Red 57

UK Politics rocked by revelations around a prominent(-ish) Labour politician - as has been pointed out by some of his colleagues  this is largely a personal   matter for him and his family but I think for the majority of people away from Leicester, non Political Anoraks  and folks away from the 'Westminster bubble'.
A busy Sunday at Waterloo Rail terminal 

The issues for the electorate are generally more mundane - housing, health jobs and education feature highly.

Those of us living and working in metropolitan areas also battle with commuting issues -at the weekend I went to visit my brother a fairly short hop from London's Waterloo - the fare booking ahead was £32 return  it'd be about double that (for a single) on a weekday ticket not booked ahead - many of us feel that fares have risen rapidly but actually (as is so soften the case) it's more complicated .

I know that many people worry about the rail pricing structure but in truth if you look at what you get for your ticket it seems pretty good (and is government subsidised) - just think about the cost of trains the rail the trains run on  and  other infrastructure but if you are allocating a fixed budget it looks different - what do you think?

Red 57

you might have been expecting something from Heinz  but did this a long time back (Red 346) - here instead an image I really like of  a lips representation

Lucky lips
 [see the latest rough cut of the ongoing project here]
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