Sunday, April 29, 2012

Broadcasting and rain

Harold Wilson the great Labour leader (he gave good quote)  pointed out that "a week  is a long time in politics" For Jeremy Hunt MP  It's been quite a week and for the next 7 days it'll be even more fascinating to see how the  beleaguered  culture secretary fairs.
It would be far too unsavoury for a deal to have been made but expectations are something else and although difficult to prove there is a feeling that friends are rewarded.   If the story is going to be brought to an end it could be that Jeremy has to  make a sacrifice for his boss  we'll see

On a personal note I had the chance to meet with a group of colleagues with whom I worked  with over 20 years ago - it was a bunch of  'Broadcast Engineers' from my days at ITN. some general comments -
1) Hearing is the first thing to go.

2) It can take some time to recognise people after such a long time

3) I was lucky to have worked there.

4) The ACTT looked after the union members.

There were several pioneers of  Broadcast computer graphics used regularly on election programmes at ITN and some attended the get together here's an article  by Chris Long.

On Friday I took a day off work and fitted rudimentary guttering to the shed - not that sure why but it's there and I have a half full water butt. Also been putting some more seeds in various trays and am happy to report that Swedes and Turnips have already germinated in the ground 

Saturday, April 21, 2012


The recent rain has meant that the weeds are doing really well, I've also realised I'm wasting water
so  mow I'm going to get some guttering and connect up the Water Butt.
Another lesson from this week is not to get ahead of myself various early seedlings need to be exposed to external weather in particular courgettes - I'm starting some fresh ones as the current batch are looking like they'll not produce much

on the left the shed and cleared  area on the right foreground garlic, shallots and broad beans- background soft fruits.
Below (centre) Potatoes, (more) onions, Cauliflower turnips and swedes.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

more sowing

Saturday -I've not been neglecting the plot and now we have water again on the ite I am optimistic that growth will move forward (sounds like acertain Mr. Osborne).
Yesterday planted cauliflowers that were started from seed, some more radishes as well as Turnips (atlantic) and Swede. Each day now peppers, sweetcorn and some Tomatoberry plants spend time outside but bring them in at night to avoid the possible frosts.
Have stated from seed some Lemon Grass and Asparagus and more Sweetcorn too.
I've got a Water Butt from Wickes to install but will need guttering too.

Sunday we visited Kew Gardens -it's really something worth seeing and supporting, different each time you visit, Peacoks, Swans and ducks to see along with some lovely trees including somne smashing redwoods. Here's a photo' of Kew that I quite like almost like a painting.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Monday, April 02, 2012

Plastic Van Gogh

Saturday I sowed two varieties of cabbage along with Kohlrabi in cells (not while I was in Prison)- incidentally they're Italian Turnips. Sunday I delivered compost water and two chairs to sit on. Onions (the first ones I planted) are showing signs of life as are someof the other seeds - fruit trees are begining to blossom and many of the fruit bushes have bits of green on them. If Easter w/e is fine I have cauliflowers, Tomatoberry and Corn to plant out.