Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Time at London's National Galleries Red 35

Gresham -check it out
There are quite a number of free to attend public lectures one can enjoy in London, last week I saw a sign for Gresham College and it has a pretty impressive list of sessions.

Early call at National Gallery

The opening church
So yesterday after an early morning start (it opens at 10:00 am!)  with old school friend Kevin Geraghty I went to a talk at London's National Gallery on Churches by Freelance Arts lecturer/guide Dr. Richard Stemp - Richard was a superb speaker and his last book (The Secret Language of Churches) has just gone into Paperback production

I would take issue with the Dr on his opening picture though of nearby St Martin's - I think it is far from a typical church.

After lunch at a nearby 'Spoons' we spent some time in the National Portrait Gallery - in many ways a more human sized gallery still very impressive but with the advantage of a virtual running narrative history based on significant people.

The experience of gallery visiting with a friend, particularly one who knows a fair amount about what's on show is a different one from looking alone or in a group - and very enjoyable too.

Nice too to chat with Kevin about some of the big and small things in life as we approach 60.

Red 35

There was  an amusing story from Jeremy Paxman on the subject of his 'small-talk  with Theresa May on the subject of her  footwear from a few years ago this weekend - so here are some decidedly (and not the first pair of the project) Red shoes.

Not our PM

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