Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Allotment, Mysteries of the Mind and Red 48

Down on Plot 202 yesterday - harvesting Potatoes, Onions and (yet more) Tomatoes -  feels like summer is almost over but certainly a hot one (31C in London and in double figures in Gateshead too).

I'm looking like I've onions for a few months and will dry them out now before hanging them up.

I'm drying them for a week or two first

More soft fruit too 

A busy bee not as worried by the heat

Seeing signs of Olives growing on bushes I've had for a few years - not a normal crop to harvested in the UK in any numbers - 

Mysteries of the Mind

A lesson or two learnt

I've had a fascination of late with how and what we are - largely I subscribe to a 'Newtonian Model' but recognise that we're still refining it.

One of the areas that seems (perhaps) knowable but where we're still putting together evidence is how the mind/brain works.

From the Mail on Sunday I saw a review of a book I'd like to read - Patient HM by Luke Dittrich 

After World War II there was a rather 'Gung Ho attitude to operations on the brain the recipient of such an operation was a young man who was suffering severely from Epilepsy - partial Lobotomy performed and pretty much all short term memory was lost - this brain and the patient have provided a rich source of knowledge about howe the brain works - drastic way of doing it though.

Red 48

Odd that a favourite fruit has avoided the radar-  until now.

Strawberries forever 

 [see the latest rough cut of the ongoing project here]

[I sometimes wonder where the tracks Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane would have sat on the Sgt Pepper album - had they not been released the double A-sided single ahead of the 'Opus']
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