Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Ealing BEAT continues and Red 51

So our full day of BEAT at Orchard Cafe (11:00 am to 6:00 pm) and the good news was that we had a fair amount of visitors, many who came armed with the prize draw form (visit 5 'Studio' sites and enter a prize draw for money to spend on Art  seen on the Trail).

The bad news is that it's actually quite hard work - interacting with the visitors not because they're anything less than marvellous but because they are interested, involved and ask great questions.

Soundbite in Dean Gardens West Ealing
West Ealing is a busy area at the weekend with  a Farmer's Market and bargain shops including  £1 stores.

West Ealing Fruit and Veg Market

The area probably had some extra visitors to the area as Soundbite was on but sadly the weather wasn't great so as something outside people may have cut short that particular attraction.

Another Beat Artist at Orchard Cafe

I've known Gordon Cookson for over 3 years and he's a very knowledgeable  and skilled Wood Turner - his membership of Wood Turning groups means that he's sufficiently adept  to be able demonstrate  the skills of Wood turning and he's at Orchard Café this weekend and next-  making things and showing some of his best pieces (they're very varied too in terms of material, price and subject).

Gordon turning wood and producing

One of the pieces Gordon has on show

Gordon's work ranges from the small - he kindly made Mushroom shaped 'Card holders' for us all yesterday to the large - there's a big indoor vase he'd like to find a good home for.

 Part of the beauty of the items is that all the work is  individual and has a story - like this large piece  below (with a history tied to the Quakers) - it welcomes visitors to our collective 'Studio'.

The inscription draws from Quaker philosophy 

Gordon also provided input to me on my 'Red' theme ...

Red 51

Seems odd that I overlooked this - the stairs at OPEN in Singapore Road (where we're showing our work as part of the BEAT project)

Thanks Gordon for helping me see the obvious.

Red was 'Stair-ing' me in the face 
 [see the latest rough cut of the ongoing project here
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