Wednesday, September 07, 2016

London Grill Bar Excavation and Red 55

The London Grill Bar in Northfield Avenue  has been an interest for me (and others) for quite some time so I'm watching the metamorphosis into another  bland residence with interest - only hope that as it looks like they're doing, in the 'modern  style'  a basement excavation for extra space that nothing untoward is found.

One day all the strange stories will be forgotten
Another Ealing  'deep dig down'
Basement extensions are becoming more common and  moving out of the most expensive boroughs to the suburbs (Ealing is home to a few).

Good luck to the Artisan Basement company (click here for a Vincent Price Laugh).

Red 55

It's bin day for us here in Ealing and what better way to mark your bin than with those red numbers

Wednesday is Red Number day for some Ealing residents
 [see the latest rough cut of the ongoing project here]
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