Friday, September 23, 2016

Night Market, A Big Smile and Red 39

A challenge for the darker evenings
Well yesterday was the Autumn Equinox and from temperatures of 31c one week ago we're now in the area of cooler evenings.

The idea of a Night Art Market in Ealing was a good one but as the one liner goes it's all about ... Timing and sadly the trading hours are not going to get longer - happy to have been there for the first week and good luck for the remaining season.

Tate Britain and Smile

On Wednesday I spent a few hours at Tate Britain with a friend - it's a different experience when one visits with someone, there's a not not unreasonable expectation of conversation about a range of things which of course includes what you're looking at - and a requirement to take on another's views.

Much of the time was spent looking at the Turners - they are a quantity and scope of work which are close to awe inspiring but the artist is not without limits.

A material used for building that can make you smile
A bit about the impressive material and project

Just by Tate Britain, on another UAL (Chelsea) site there's this monster piece of Design - The Smile part of the London Design Festival and again (but in a different way)  awe inspiring.

Red 39

Increasingly I'm finding that the Reds reference (often not deliberately ) other things and episodes - this one definitely

So Here's (another) vision a Red life

I'm not sure if this habitat does it for me 

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