Saturday, September 03, 2016

Time travel on your doorstep and Red 59

Lovely allotment plot in early morning sun

Some early morning errands to run and am struck by the fact that you don't need to travel far to see different things - just get up an hour or so earlier or visit the places you would normally at a different time.

It's intriguing that the hours around dawn and dusk give such lovely hues to our landscape but we so often miss them - you don't need a camera to see the sights but I'd got mine.

Sunlight playing on a shed

A Tea Towel of local (Ealing) landmarks 

Wisdom on a reusable bag in Ealing Broadway Centre

Burn Artist

I don't know if this guy has his occupation written on his passport as Burn Artist.

It's 300 years since the great fire of London and seems the ideal time for David Best to take his place centre stage which hell be doing  tomorrow (8:30 PM UK time) check out this link.

Red 59

An inverted red plant pot held with a light blue  tie wrap

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