Friday, September 30, 2016

Flow, Zone, Framing and Red 32

Ealing's Neighbours Paper

Sir Philip Green's stepson's company made a quick £3m profit

While I was waiting for my latest Print at the always helpful Pollyprint in Northfield Avenue I had the chance to read the local Neighbours' Paper - staggering (for me) revelations on the £3m profit pocketed by Thackeray Estates a company that has Sir Philip Green's stepson Brett Palos as a director.

Brain Activity

Very interesting to hear on the radio about a Hungarian Psychologist Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi (not the easiest name to remember or spell) - Mihaly is famed for his work looking at 'Flow'  - I think many of us have done things where time has almost stopped -been lost in the Zone.

Mihaly posits that in this happy place the ego and the goal of monetary achievements all but disappear - I would think that brain activity in this state would be fascinating to monitor, one could imagine that all sorts of Dopamine is rattling around.

A process at the end
Here is a link to 10 points that are related to that  Magic Place.

Following my recent BEAT activity and ahead of Bond Street (Ealing) Pop Up Shop session 2 in November I've been printing mounting and framing - not sure I got totally into the Zone but certainly quite enjoyable.

One of the helpers with the hanging side of things is Youtube - great instructional videos on all sorts of topics ..

Red 32

And of course YouTube has a smashing bright Red logo

A bright red logo for the dominant web video provider

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