Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Calligraphy Taster at CityLit and Red 42

City Lit -so many classes
As  one gets older it becomes more and more obvious that life is finite and the number of interests and opportunities one can pursue is limited.

Practice is needed.

At the start of a 'Taster' in Calligraphy when are course leader polled us to find why we were doing the session  I was aware that this subject  ticked more than one box - I wasn't happy with my writing, I was interested in the history of the subject and I wanted to use the skill professionally.

My Starter Kit

Our Tutor for the session was Michela Antonello  (having looked at her CV I realise how lucky we were to have such a well qualified teacher!)

Michela gave us a good no-nonsense 3 hours on the topic and recommended Calligraphy Made Easy (by Gaynor Goffe) as an introductory text (and had taught her!)    - the whole thing I found rather addictive .

 The downside is that acquiring the skill does take time and patience and of course more tools and books.

Red 42

And tyng together the Red and the Photography -

A photo opportunity in the hot seat

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