Sunday, December 23, 2007

Participation TV - hints website

I've been reviewing progress on my research and had some good input in the last week or so.

If you're a player of these shows or just curious take a visit to the Phonequiz Answers website [thanks Greggles Fan].

If you want to see what the Panorama TV programme found out about the methods used look here.
And if you want to know what the House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee thought about it all look here.
Oh Yes and don't forget massive fine that Channel 4 has got to pay for Richard and Judy's phone in quiz.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stories from the front line of Participation TV

So I hope you didn’t think that my research was over..

the survey is done but I’ve had the benefit of input from Robert (Bob) Winsor who worked at Big game TV and who is able to help me understand how the operation of the ITV Play type participation shows work..

Bob kindly spared me some time today and his input will help bring a fresh angle on the research, many of the respondents to my survey were ultimately in favour of the genre but there is another view which I will be able to reflect in my research too.
Bob is letting me use information he has from his lobbyying so expect to see some of that here over the next few days

Bob was impressed with how John Whittingdale MP, Chairman of the Culture select committee has acted but less so of OFCOM, senior figures in ITV, and David Elstien (the one time applicant for the job of DG at the BBC)

If you have input from having played (or worked) on this type of show please let me know, if you do not wish me to use your name no problem I will respect your privacy.
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