Friday, September 16, 2016

Haven Green Stables Saved and Red 46

Great news in from Victor Mishiku  -he's confirmed that the Haven Stables is won!

2 Years after the fight commenced he's shown the importance of Covenants and his own steel in standing up for them.

A building that won't become flats 

It's too darned hot

A really nice evening yesterday with a chance to catch up with long-time friends Liz and Mike.
Kicked off with a drink at The Kent and then on to Pitshanger's Atlantis Greek restaurant - good value meal and the Retsina flowed.

Lizzie and Debbie 

Yours truly and Mike

It's around 10 years since Mike and Liz left Ealing to carry out the build of a super energy efficient home near Evesham  and they're now going to the Island of Skye to create an even bigger home along with something of a holiday letting business.

[Their first house is for sale - check it out]

The big issue for them both is the warming planet and the destruction of our habitat so this is a project from their heart.

Having had a very hot September to date it's hard to argue the point with conviction  and temperature wise we're in un-charted territory - is the Earth going to continue to warm and how quickly will life become difficult for the ever growing population?

Red 46

So this, a small fan is probably not really enough to cope with the weather we've been having of late (but it is red)

A fan and not my only one!

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