Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Black Female Artists and Red 41

The UAL space in Holborn
Near Holborn Station in W1 there are regular exhibitions held by the UAL (University of Arts, London) that showcase the work of students.

Currently on show there are works by (and about) Black Female artists - a field that is under-represented, the exhibition is named Black Blossoms.

The aspects of life of this somewhat sidelined group has been approached in number of   diverse ways via a selection of media.

Many of the pieces on show focus on 'hair' a totemic symbol of blackness for women, hairdressers and hairdressing are often the centre of social occasions, a chance to chat under the auspices of preparation for a party or festival.

The Window Now

The works that stood out for me included items by Habiba  Nabisubi, along with Azzara Amoy and iconic representations of black female role models by Nicole Muskett.

Hair identified by Habiba Nabisubi

A work by Nicole Muskett from her
'Empowering Women series'

Azzara Amoy proclaims - 'Black Mothers are Superheroes'

I also really like the re-imagined photographic sequence created around the life of Silvia Rosi's mother - as well as telling a very real story of migration it imparts humanity and humour to the life.

Red 41

Those Red Chuggers

Well each other anyway

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