Saturday, September 10, 2016

The First Day of Ealing's New Art Trail and Red 52

Step right this way

So yesterday saw the unveiling of BEAT to the public at large - sadly the fact that those taking part are hosting at specific sites for the two weekends means that my impression is restricted to the location we're at.

Having said that we had visitors from shortly after 4:00 pm when the event kicked of to shortly before 8:00 pm when Day 1 finished felt good.

Our visitors though  spoke about other locations (specifically HelenTrevisol Duff's in Hanwell) in glowing terms.

John Kaye's Modernist work spans 50 years

He uses a mixture of materials 

John (Kaye) is undoubtedly the senior figure amongst us and has around 40 works on show.

Our visitors showed a genuine interest 

This one's called 'Forest Dance

What was really rewarding was how much work 'individual' visitors put into their visits- really engaging with the work .

Surprisingly tiring but by the end of the day we were operating as a group across our space and there'll be more on the other Artists in the soon to open (to West Ealing public)  Orchard Cafe (Gordon Cookson and Tim Layden) to come in the next couple of days

Red 52

Another satisfying thing is being able to enjoy a fine Red home produced Tomato Juice

 [see the latest rough cut of the ongoing project here

A glass of Red -Tomato Red
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