Saturday, September 17, 2016

The BEAT's second weekend starts and Red 45

Orchard Cafe W13
A good start to the second BEAT weekend with friends and pupils of the various artsists showing at Orchard Café popping in to see what was doing.

Particularly impressive to see Dr Timothy Layden's students who were a credit to their school most  charming and interested in the experience.

John Kaye had returning visitors buying more of his work and I must say I was taken with this 'On the Beach' figure.
On the Beach by John Kaye

I'm enjoying talking about my exhibits especially my 365 (or 366) Project

The Noah Scalin  idea intrigued visitors
And yesterday I had a piece of luck with this  'red' project too...

Red 45

I was lucky enough to meet Beniko Sutoh yesterday when she stopped by at the Orchard Cafe to look at the works on show.

Beniko explained to me that her name means a type of Red, a vermillion (beni) Child (ko), she is named after a flower her sister's name is based on another colour (indigo) - her clothing is red too.

 紅子 (Beniko) was another visitor for the BEAT weekend 

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