Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pathways changing allotments and Red 49

Oldest (and best)
Last week I went to one of a number of consultative meetings regarding Housing Charities Pathway's stated aim to re-use land bequeathed by the Bishop of London in 1832 for Allotment use to provide Housing.

It's fair to say that this is causing a stir in the area of the site.

Pathways - bad guys?

It was good to see the Labour MP, Rupa Huq  whose ward the allotments sit in attending the meeting - she didn't make a lot of noise or fuss and I hope that here presence has a good affect on the outcome of the issue around the allotments.

Just more concrete or a community asset?

I can understand that a Housing charity should wish to use resources for provision of housing but that doesn't mean they can - there were, fairly recently  moves to change the law but for me as  a layperson the picture now is not that  clear.

I'm very far from being a Lawyer or Solicitor but do know that we rely on the law for a smooth running society - I also know that precedent is very important in English (and British) Law the idea that land bequeathed for one purpose should become available for another seems at odds with the way that the law operates.

2 points

1) It's not clear  that Pathways have the right to sell the land

2)  Can the Housing charity believe that   they will not meet any opposition?  - this looks unlikely to be the case - for sure the Bishop and Pathways were not set up to be a charitable institution supplying legal firms with work!

Part of a lovely green space.

Red 49

Sad to see an abandoned Henry  - odd too to think that it's a Henry (the Hoover) when it's not really a Hoover as Hoover make Hoovers.

But it's Red

Henry's still grinning 

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