Monday, September 12, 2016

Orchard Café Sunday and Red 50

Orchard Cafe is behind West Ealing BHS
Yesterday (Day 3 Beat w/e 1) went well for us at Orchard Café which is 23+ in the excellent BEAT brochure.

Early on in the day we had  a visit from Naomi Healy who is a guiding light of the project and has been busy visiting as many of the locations as he can.

Interest was high particularly for John Kaye's work and a few items were sold.

Tim Layden who exhibited a broad range of work from figurative to abstract and some colour field in there too) was able to explain to many interested visitors his knowledge of Synesthesia a condition many artists have sought to represent (Wikipedia describes it as "a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second")

Large and varied canvases from Tim Layden

Colour Fields -A Touch of the Rothko's perhaps?

As you can see as well as interest for Tim Layden's work John too was busy selling

Tim Layden (left) chats with  Naomi Healy from the  BEAT committee  in front of  some of his  work

'Red dot' John

One of the works sold by John Kaye

Sadly there was a bit of dismantling and clearing to do as the site will be used for other things in the week to come - but so I can re-assemble it next week (and you can pretend you were there) here's a Photosynth image of my corner.

Red 50

Caught in the breeze - I can almost feel it

Blowing in the Wind
 [see the latest rough cut of the ongoing project here
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