Thursday, September 15, 2016

Prep for BEAT w/2 and Red 47

All credit to those behind setting up an Arts Trail in the Borough of Ealing (the coverage is spreading) - the first weekend went well as far as I can tell (being in one of the venues the overall vision is limited).

Hoping to give visitors more to look at 

It'll be intriguing to see if word of mouth gets us more visitors and whether or not we get some repeat appearances from punters.

Gordon's Woodcarvings' display

I've actually been printing and mounting to give some additional depth to what I'm showing and to fulfil a customer order - next week, after it's over  there'll be some celebrations and the opportunity to reflect on what worked well and how we can improve.
Orchard Café - our home for w/e 2

For me the brochure and 'Commercial' have been particular high points- the brochure is the right size and well structured to fit the purpose - the TV style commercial incredibly slick and provided another level of professional sheen.

Been very lucky with a shared venue as well - it means extra visitors and the chance to chat with  adjacent Artists-see some of their varied  work too.

BEAT : Borough of Ealing Art Trail 2016 from james lewis on Vimeo.

Red 47

A red  'Sun Tropical' drink carton discarded in nearby park.

-Not so Exotic now?

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