Saturday, June 23, 2012

Italian Holiday June 2012 (Lake Garda)

As far as the eye can see

Antonio explains

Our holiday in Italy was a bit of a curate's egg in terms of the weather 
but it was good to get away from the mobile phone and constant e-mails.
The people of the part of Italy we visited it seems to me are an example of how to live (if you'll forgive  the generalisation). It seemed to me one of the best examples of quality of life was the visit to a vineyard where Antonio (pictured) was charm personified.
Famous Balcony
Another excursion we undertook was a visit to that historic town of Verona.

Yeah very funny
We also took an obligatory trip on the lake which was eventful in that we were diverted as a result of a sudden change in the weather

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Impact day -June 15th

Another Impact day T shirt for me

On Friday 15th June I took part in Discovery's 3rd  annual Impact day.
The venue was at Acton Homeless Concern - Emmaus House.
Respect to the people who run and manage this- it does a great job over 200 people got lunch there (either eating in or taking away).
It brings to mind another benefit of religion (I've read  Religion for Atheists while on holiday last week, there'll be more about that soon) and that benefit in case of the Catholic sister here was manifested in action to help people..
For me it reminded me that things can go wrong and that it is worth thinking about how we treat all people we come into contact with.
If you live in West London and are interested in finding out more about this project look here.


Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Jubilee shed

The bank holiday weekend has been a mixed bag weather-wise in the west London district that I call home- on Saturday  and Monday I made good use of my time planting out Lemon Grass, Celery and Peppers as wells as weeding and earthing up potatoes.
Actually away on holiday for a week so not sure how tomatoes, cucumbers  and melons will cope hopefully the weather will include some rain  and I have fed various plantings with a general fertilizer.
What do I think about the Royal 60th? Well I suppose it would be difficult to ignore the achievement of Liz II  as it's a long time doing one job but being in  position to celebrate stability of UK  does not make the monarchy the best example for a country to sre itself (government by accident of birth).
On a side note looking at the blog stats I was slightly surprised to find that there are people who read this - if you've got a comment do let me know, if you want me to change the style or content I'd be interested to hear about it - there'll be some comments and snaps when we get back from Lake Garda vacation!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Broad Beans

Broad beans with our tea last night - picked at the allotment on my way back from work - what could be fresher?