Thursday, September 08, 2016

Spreading the BEAT word and Red 54

Well in just a day the Ealing Arts initiative known as BEAT will be in its first day.

I and three others will be at The Orchard Café (A favourite location for me- OPEN Ealng's home) in West Ealing - I hope you come and see us (if you're in the area)
A lovely sunny day in West Ealing

Yesterday - a lovely sunny late summer day I spent a couple of hours leafleting and the news is that I now have increased sympathy for Post people and leaflet-ers, uneven paths, dodgy gates, low level letter boxes and worst of all those people who put 'no Junk Mail' on their front doors.

I don't think what I'm delivering is junk but I'm not going to spend time arguing with an irate householder so generally my rule of thumb was to not put through letter boxes clearly marked - but I do feel that they're missing out.

In fact it feels slightly insular and selfish and reminds me of those rail (and bus) users who try and make sure that they keep a free seat next to them despite others wanting the seat - this could be just what they want but it might be that they're missing out.

So I reckon I posted well over 300 leaflets in about 2 hours in my locale - some letter boxes were ideal but some are just a few inches from the ground and some have springs like a mousetrap - poor posty.

BUT    Leaflets are not for all

A load of leaflets for West Ealing front doors 

And the previous evening had a splendid hour or so meeting with pothers involved in BEAT at a church just by Pitshanger in Ealing's favourite shopping street - very nice wine and nibbles too, which brings me on to ..

Red 54

I suppose it's 30 or so years since I was last in St Barnabas church - lovely Red drapes

Recalling a happy day  many years ago
 [see the latest rough cut of the ongoing project here
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