Thursday, September 29, 2016

Another lecture at the British Library and Red 33

A real mix amongst those attending the British Library
 As promised yesterday here's some more from the Business and IP lectures held recently at The British Library.

I noted at the Series of lectures promoting entrepreneurial activity at the British Library how many women were present and the  ethnic diversity amongst speakers and audience.

The second lecture I attended was  presented by  Sara Rego from Portugal who was speaking for UK2 about the importance of and  how to leverage a Website.

I learnt more about the plethora of alternative domain names starting from as little as £1.00 per year - these even include .photo but the and .com remain the most popular.

A useful guide
One of the many  very good points Sara made was does a website look like it was designed by a 5 year old? 
The Library sign

She also pointed out 5 Design Issues that should be kept in mind:

1) Bad Navigation
2) Poor Reliability
3) Auto-playing Media
4) Not Optimized for Mobile
5) Disorganized Content

And of course the importance of refreshing the content

Sara mentioned how important to take account of Metrics such as Google Analytics, she also advised that you should:

Checkout  the competition
Start simple
Keep it Fresh 

I noticed again how important Eduardo Paolozzi is to London's public art - here's another of his works near the British Library -Piscator 

Another Eduardo Palozzi sculpture - Piscator by Euston Station is now looking a bit grimy 

Red 33

When talking to people about objects that were red someone did mention a ball - I suppose the classic red ball would be a cricket one but this from the local 'Tiger' store has Pink too

Having a ball?

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