Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lenny rocks the Hammersmith Apollo (27th Oct Concert)

This week as the opportunity presented itself I went to concert by Lenny Kravitz.
Gig going this year has been very much established/historic acts - we've seen Blondie, Bryan Ferry and Dolly Parton - all consummate pro's.
Lenny just about squeezes into this niche for me anyway - I've been listening to his stuff for over 20 years and although this was the first time I'd seen him live it was what you'd expect- except..
* It was good to see an act fairly close up the Apollo is a good venue.
* He seemed to be a genuine fan of London.

Be warned if you go and see him he's loud and there are flashing lights (seriously).
* The encore was brilliant with Mr K going walk about through the audience - really great - it was during a prolonged version of Let Love Rule.
Not so sure aboutLen's taste in support acts Raphael Saddiq - he had some fans tho'
Lenny is also, I'm,please to report a 'right on' guy supporting good things.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

JCopia review

A while before our holiday I received an unsolicited offer of the chance to review some s/ware.
The package is known as JCopia (it’s for copying video’s to hard disk so it sort of makes sense.
The requirement is probably one that is waiting for a handy little tool – not totally sure if it’s finished or there’s more development to come.

From my use so far it offers a pretty good job on Youtube videos allowing the user to save stuff to their own hard disk – but they way things are developing at the moment I suppose you could do this to dropbox or other clould type stores?

Sadly doesn’t seem to work with BBC iPlayer

You can see a promo here

More details at this website

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our 2 weeks in Corfu

A bit about Corfu -It's just over a week since we got back from a really nice holiday there.
Although it struck me as expensive the overall experience was good value.
We stayed in the Corfu Palace Hotel, very convenient and high standard (and without the irritating notices about towels and sheets being the cause of global warming).
Some nice places to eat and drink along with a trip to Albania increased the fun quotient.
Rather worryingly though we got a note today relating to our trip and warning us of the possibility of legionnaires disease!
Great tour guide and boat trip was good too.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Garlic growing

Hi, I'm back and there's going to be a variety of things here. Some gardening stuff starts today.

Just planted a load of garlic (16 pots) from a Tesco bulb.

Will see how it goes - here's a source of some info'