Sunday, April 30, 2017

The last days of Algarve utilities boxes!

So I know I said that I'll  stop with the boxes - I didn't realise how many I'd seen - [I'm going to make a little slideshow of them I think]


And as before quite a selection of topics ..

Kiwi Fruit

And Peppers
Evening all 
Let's get out of here 
£156.50 is about right

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Even more Algarve and why not here

Yesterday noted an actual boring box here in Ealing - perhaps we can get a project together with utility companies..

Couldn't we do something here?

So even more snaps from the Algarve - boxes and all..

A Bird of Paradise depicted

A  bird of Paradise at our hotel

A front door depicted 

Liking the black cat too

A boat 

And some birds in Paradise 

The yellow carried through

Looking distressed 

Jumping the fund ..

Jumping to £155

Friday, April 28, 2017

More Utility boxes of the Algarve

So I'll stop with the boxes soon but here are some more  of the images I captured. (#Carvoeiroboxes)

Quite a selection of topics I think you'll agree..


Wildlife too
And even fish

Middle Eastern 
Non representational 

And I fear to say 'twee'
Let's finish with another favourite...
£149 66 means the w/e will see £150

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Algarve Public Art

Amongst the delights the Algarve has to offer are  beautiful blue skies which provide a great setting for some dazzling colours natural and 'person-made'.

Hard to imagine such a striking public work on the streets of Ealing London

As well as Public Art (like this, above in central  Ferruagudo)  which integrates so well into the resorts the villa's and streets are vibrant and full of life in a way that doesn't work in the more Northerly UK where I spend most of my time.

In fact in  the village of Carvoeiro there's been a project that has turned the usual ugly utility boxes into works of art. Carvoeiro resident Phil Francis, aka Phil da Bife, and his friend and graffiti artist Hélder José, aka Bamby have done the work (you can see the story here).

Here are some of the images I captured. (#Carvoeiroboxes)

How ugly would that be without a flower?
Odd  about these trees (ideas?)
A Religious Icon

I thought trees grew straight?

And in nature from the nest? day.

And we saw something  similar depicted on the boxes 

More images from the local artists improving the local environment in the next post or two.

And the fund is still building ..

£147 .56 is what we're looking at 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

And back again - I'm floored

Gatwick airport shops before the news

So just over a week ago, Tuesday morning  and travelling to Gatwick airport in mini cab the  news was that  our PM (UK) was going to make an announcement.

Checked bags in - Usual waiting around at airport - Cup of coffee and sandwich - gate announced.

At gate TV was on and Theresa May has called an election - how can we can stay away for at least the duration of the campaign?  

Back to the increment-ing £146 26
So the Conservatives have found the weakness of the opposition parties too hard to resist (there are other theories as too why the election was called too) and decided to cut and run.

My initial thoughts were that this could be good news for the LibDems (they have a clear-ish message on Brexit), Labour (I thought) would be struggling and SNP laughing - the UK would be no more - As the weeks go I will see if I still see it playing out like this.

Portugal Holiday

The view from our rooms

So arriving in Portugal and eventually at our destination on the Algarve it's a lovely area  and the people at Vale d'Oliveiras were fantastically pleasant (with good language skills too).
well laid out

The hotel (if that's what it was) is one of the best we've had in terms of quality, space and standard.

An organic area too

Portugal is apparently on of our oldest allies and I reflect again on what Brexit means (here we can see Portugal perspective)  - there are many people in the area who rely on tourism and British tourists are I would suggest in the majority - Golf resorts and sailing being particularly popular pursuits  for retirees and holidaymakers.

It's always a plus for me to have a bathroom that includes a bath (as this one did) - there were two rooms a modern kitchen and a clever arrangement around connecting bathrooms - along with outside space I can see that this would be a great place to be able to retreat anytime an election is called.

Many developments are now based around a 25% timeshare arrangement as opposed to the old 2 weeks that were around 20+ years ago.

Outside space
A flat/hotel apt. that can take 5 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Tim Bourne is on holiday!

Hello Granddad
Reminders of holidays - my Granddad used to have a proper mug like this one and my brother collected blue pottery!

See you in 10 days or so

£145 15 should cover things 'til I get back 

Friday, April 14, 2017

John Latham - a major figure? (104)

The Gallery
On Tuesday after my final session of the CityLit exhibiting course decided to stop off at Serpentine Gallery on the way back home - I generally enjoy the visits to this gallery not only because of the fantastic location but also because of the artists they show and the scale of the two galleries - the Sackler often providing new items in a unique setting.

The headline figure is a British artist (although born in Zambia) who was anew name to me - seems he'd been important but not a headliner grabber the way some of his contemporaries were - his name John Latham and in fact he only died about 10 years ago at the age of 84.
Books lovely books
A strongly coloured work

Latham worked in a variety of styles but much of his work considered the importance of books (it is said as a reaction the the destruction of some by Nazis).

As well as 'retinal art' though he was associated with the Fluxus group (the group included Yoko Ono and Gustav Metzger) and was a radical figure - subsequently his studio in Peckham has become an exhibition space and I hope to visit it soon.

More work from Latham

Latham even had something of a philosophical idea that he called Event Structure -

Deep or what?
Here's a clip where people who knew him speak about him and  his work -

(N.B. Skoob is Books backwards).


Another £1.10 takes us to  £135 15p

It's in Argyle Road W13 and perhaps not a duplicate road?

And hiding behind the car a nice Stained glass job