Monday, September 26, 2016

Local stuff and Red 36

Many of those taking part raise money for good causes
The last year or so has  been a time where I've felt part of a (or several) communities and it was good to see so many people powering around the roads around me as part of the (now) annual Ealing Half Marathon, hopefully the local Open Artists Studios from the preceding two weekends initiative BEAT will become a firm calendar fixture.

The 5th one

And talking of community it's pretty impressive to see how local people are getting behind the campaign to protect our green space/allotment in Northfields   - there's a petition you can sign and hopefully functions where you'll be able to support the continuation of what is London's oldest allotments.

(If you're into the  Tweet use @ SaveNFAllotment )

Who wouldn't want to preserve sheds like these?

A shed that's loaded with character

And a shed that's loaded with grass(non herbal)  on the roof 

Red 36

A fantastic Red Cake from 'The Bakers of Ealing'

A Cake that shouts celebration

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