Sunday, September 25, 2016

Post BEAT plans and Red 37

So last 2 weekends were for me have been  dominated by BEAT activities and having knocked this on the head (for at least 6 months) I've been re-visiting for a 'Baby- Shower' some of my display which will be a 'private view' for today only.

A re-visit at Orchard Cafe

One of Timothy Layden's sound influenced works 

 As well as the  display at Orchard Café  and planning for another Pop Up event at Ealing's Bond Street.
but I'll be hanging around again in November

It was all wrapped up in August

The venture this time will be myself and talented all-round  Artist  Helen Trevisol-Duff  as well as an artist Helen ran a shop in Northfield Avenue West Ealing (Darch and Duff) for many years. With this expertise  the operation will be a must for those wishing to buy Art in the run up to Christmas - we'll be there from November 7th for 2 weeks (at least).

Red 37

And as we get over close to the end of my one year epic journey into Red more and more I'm referencing those things that have come before.

This restaurant was 'Maggie's' was 'Closed' and now is open again as a Turkish eatery Mikla

A natural restaurant location and a continuing 'red' spot.

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