Thursday, September 22, 2016

Christmas in September and Red 40

With the party - it's over
So it's difficult to let go of BEAT - and if this is the case for a humble exhibitor imagine the deal for those on the various committees who've been living and breathing it for the last months.

As a sort of  goodbye their was a get together just near Cleveland Park last night  and what surprised me on the way there was the crew who were filming  (apparently a popular location as the house their fronts onto an attractive church - incidentally now flats).

The crew vans and Snow specialist

A slight sprinkling first

So the surprise was that there was snow - artificial snow but snow all the same - seems it's going to be part of Morrison's festive campaign.

A Fox searches

Oh and a surprise on the way home with Mr Fox.

Red 40

And the Christmas theme continues with a nearby pub's sign-board.

Here's Rudolf's Red Nose,  Christmas songs in the shops soon -

The week after temperatures hit 31C in London

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