Monday, September 19, 2016

The end of BEAT 2016 Red 43

Sunday saw the last day of the first BEAT and if the stories coming in were to be believed the project was a success   with high numbers of visitors and these visitors signalling appreciation - what was great (for me) was the chance to talk and explain - and listen.

Visitors from many backgrounds 

Having displayed and hosted a 'Pop-up' shop I was able to begin to put into action the messages I'd been getting and as well as wanting to know the stories behind what I was doing the people I encountered  clearly 'voted' for affordable mounted prints  - this means bigger volumes to get the same turnover  but with lower cost of stock  it's not an issue for me.
A starting point for conversation

It'd certainly be a mistake to not make every effort to offer the  visitors a chance to buy in a form  they wish to.

It was pleasing  to find people interested in how I'd used Noah Scalin's 'model' to get myself taking more photo's too and several people took a picture of the book for reference (and a gift idea).

Mandie gets to look at some of the work

Thanks for visitors who stopped and exchanged ideas, for those who left comments and of course those who bought.

We also (collectively, all four of us showing at OPEN Ealing) thank Mandie Wilde  (who has been so busy in Ealing) the driving force behind the Orchard Cafe for her support and patience - my see you in 2017 raised a wry smile.

Red 43

So the most worthwhile visitors (in a way) are children but they're also the most demanding and their expectations are stimulation a little short of over stimulation- one young visitor (with another transport themed Red) brought along a  toy truck.

It had spent quite a bit of time in his mouth 
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