Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tate Modern's Need for Net Curtains and Red 38

A high price to be overlooked by Tate Modern visitors?
Nice programme on the BBC radio 4 strand  'Reunion'  - all about Tate Modern and the (soon to be) Arts Council 'Head Honcho'  Sir Nicholas Serota , The Tate Modern has been in the headlines as a result of Switch extension the neighbours (who  presumably dug deep in their pockets) are getting mightily miffed by the overlooking visitors.

I've been up there myself and you do get a very good view of what looks like IKEA catalogue living.

The story has of course brought to mind the inherent dichotomy over city living - is it net curtains or open views? - seems this is to be a problem for more and more London residents as we move to increasingly vertical homes - here are a few I've spotted.

A strange sort of  'Conservatory' on local flats

Surely they realise we can see what there 'taste' is?

In some cities such spaces can be elegant extensions to an apartment - in London it's often used more like a shed .

Red 38

Glimpsed this red hairdressing through the door amongst the accoutrements in a Hanwell hairdresser yesterday - there's something about Red & Rich (and hairdressing too )...

And perhaps it registered with me as I had a trim today

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