Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Fox (in memory Lane) and Red 93

For a year or so after I'd moved to London I pretty much continued to live the life of a student but with the added advantage of having money.
Still sun-spoilt and tucked away
This way to the garden

During those halcyon days I was introduced to the delights of Hanwell's Fox public house nestled as it is amongst cottages, Allotments and the canal  it felt positively rural

So it was something of a delight to find that the pub retains its sleepy and friendly atmosphere on a Thursday lunchtime, nice beer and a nice garden too - Thanks John for the lunchtime  treat.

Red 93

So we're preparing today to put out a (slightly scruffy) metaphorical red carpet at the set up of Ealing's Bond Street Pop Up - Leap Year

Only a day away

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