Monday, August 01, 2016

"Come on in" - From empty shop to full shop and Red 92

It's odd the way things progress - I had thought about showing some photographs in Ealing (where I live), I asked around and got an offer from BID/MakeitEaling  (get in touch if you need help in Ealing Business)  to use their shop in Bond Street for 2 weeks.
They've helped me

So on Saturday afternoon I took over the Pop Up shop in Ealing's Bond Street from Park and Bridge.

Having had support and advice from others I was keen to make sure this wasn't just a solo effort so I've got on board Eileen Reding  (watercolours), Gordon Cookson (wood-turner), John Kaye with his 3D works and Chris Gharibi a talented artist of many materials but also  showing here his work in wood.

It's can be a challenge to co-ordinate people but thankfully there were no tantrums and  great co-operation on show.

An empty shell 

Bill and Eileen make a start 

Chris undaunted by a blank wall

Some new ones and old favourites (of mine)

Thankfully he'd make a great sign writer too

Our senior figure John Kaye does some fine tuning

I hope you can drop in for a chat at least!

Red 92

Some would say I was showing some Ealing Shop front

A bit of advertising for them

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