Saturday, July 09, 2016

Georgia O'Keefe at Tate Modern and Red 115

This way ladies
I might have sounded a little irritated by Tate Modern's offerings in a recent post but there is much more on offer that a number of questionable 'Conceptual' offerings - it was something of an education to look around the retrospective of Georgia O'Keefe that's currently showing.

One of the things I particularly enjoyed about seeing this show was the way Georgia's work was juxtaposed with that of her husband the influential American photographer Alfred Stieglitz.

Stieglitz took many photographs of O'Keefe and arguably amongst these photographs are some of his best  portrait works, also there are in the exhibition some examples where the two tackled the same subjects (Views from New York hotel windows being a good example - my favourites showing East River).

What did you think?
O'Keefe's works especially  in Room 2 appear heavily focused on sexual themes and this has to an extent overshadowed her varied oeuvre but having said that when shew moved away from the 'botanical' themes there often remained an apparent sexual  subtext.

My favourite overall being a representation of  'Wall with Green Floor' which to me was almost three dimensional.

Red 115

Round at John's the other day and gave him a sneak look at my 'Red' studies - his place of course full of examples -

A tablecloth that is forever John

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