Friday, July 29, 2016

Rush of Green and Red 95

The Candy Boys name-maker 
More of the City Lit tour (Rich Pickings) of West London - this week we were in an area that epitomised the Rich.

Seeing the flats of  One Hyde Park it's slightly staggering to learn of the success and wealth of The Candy Brothers (in the news today ) they're surprisingly young and have paid (perhaps less surprisingly) little tax.

This development put them on the map(and one of them's married to Holly Valance).

Just by the flats is a store associated with Bling and a facade reflecting it.

Burberry facade reflects their design.

It was nice to see a pub that reflected an important London figure  in the naming of Paxton's Head.  Paxton for who the pub was named famously had engineer Brunel working for him in Crystal Palace days

A fine pub named after an important figure.

Epstein's Rush of Green near Hyde Park 
Earlier on the course we saw one of the places where the US born Jacob Epstein lived in London (Near  one of the homes of Winston Churchill)  - seems he was a vibrant and exciting person and some of that excitement is captured in his final work - moved as a result of corporate HQ building but still suggesting the family in their pursuit of some open space - with a Pan figure included .

Red 95

Not just red letters but red packages too

And only £1

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