Monday, July 25, 2016

My Social Media use and Red 99

I wonder how the previous greats of civilisation would have dealt with modern communications if they'd lived today?

What would Picasso produce on his iPad (here's something about David Hockney using an iPad) , how would Dickens blog and what would Hitchcock load up onto YouTube (a few selfies I'm sure)?
(Perhaps) Step away from the Keyboard

Over the last couple of years I've blogged most days and tried to tweet a photo' each day - partly to support my own personal projects - by a steady approach I'm close to 100 Tweet followers (not by subscribing or following loads of  others), I've noted of late that the niche of Blue Plaques have a loyal audience.

Like the rest of  the people  out there I've ploughed my own furrow in the way I engage with modern electronic communications but anticipate taking a less involved stance at the end of 2016 - not for any particular philosophical reason but because it takes a lot of time.

Oddly recently my blog seems to be getting many hits but this does not seem to suggest a particular aspect is prove of interest and I expect it to return to the usual 1500 or so  hits  per month.

There are some good and bad things about Social Media - the good thing is keeping ion touch and (for me) the discipline of regularly writing.

The bad things tho' I fear could fill  several fairly thick books -some being the potential vitriol and for many  a step away  from being genuine and  'real'
A shop with people

I know we can't un-invent our support mechanisms but the fact that many will look at their facebook page 100+ times each day does not sound great and have you noticed how so many people are cocooned in a world where they continuously listen to 'something'  on their phones?

On the subject of Facebook (yes I've got a login) - what is it when they tell me a lot has happened while I've been away - yes there has but what's on Facebook is rarely it.

Hopefully next week I'll be engaging with people directly in Ealing Pop po shop in Bond Street (10:30 to 18:00 daily).

[I suppose there's an idea that you only exist when you can 'find yourself' - in many senses  with a short google enquiry.]

Red 99

So here we as we move into the top 100 with another popular red - the red top of the tabloid press.

A ' sponsored' red top

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