Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Some more Rich Pickings (3) and Red 97

Knightsbridge Now only for the rich 
Over the next couple of days I'll highlight some of the things I learnt on recent final Rich Pickings walk in West London.

Of course meeting at Knightsbridge it's not possible to ignore the retail connections (Harvey Nichols and Harrods for example) but the area has not always been the part of London that  exemplifies the rich visitor (now mainly Middle Eastern or Russian) - it was for a time associated with the military and 'Camp followers' ensured that there were some seedy residents in years gone by.
Not always salubrious  

One famous 19th Century resident (in Trevor Square)  and a courtesan who lived in the area was Harriet Wilson.

It was Wilson  on revealing that she'd 'spent time' with The Duke of Wellington in her memoirs that caused him to use the (now) famous phrase publish and be damned.

Much in evidence on the small streets of the area were the temporarily imported cars of the young Kuwaiti super rich - a phenomenon which irritates the  quasi locals each summer.

Not an area for speeding.
More later


The latest iteration of  my 'Leap Year' project is  ready to view here

Red 97

Having started to look beyond the images at what Red can mean I find that deeper reds are asscoaited with opulence and extravagance, sad to see such hues in the pile 'to be collected' by the refuse services.

Being extravagant

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