Monday, July 18, 2016

Getting ready and Red 106

An 'A' board sign
A background helps
A couple of projects that are moving forward are my 'Leap Year' Pop up and BEAT (The Borough  Ealing Art Trail initiative) with which I'll be, this September as part of a group operating in West Ealing's Orchard Café.

For both occasions I'm planning to get involvement from the visitors - both by looking at what I've done but also by asking them to be photographed, ideally with a red theme and talking about all sorts of stuff.

I'm focusing on 'being there' and hopefully getting people to engage as I talk about my own 365 creativity project and some of my photographs.

The actual mechanics are of course a challenge - am hoping to find a suitable HD screen this week and agree with others the spaces we'll be using at both venues.



Red 106

Sadly this athlete lacks a brain and legs (but the nutrition is sorted).

Not that much of an advert?

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