Thursday, July 14, 2016

Park + Bridge, Teaching and Red 110

Bond Street Ealing -Go on in.
It's nice to feel like you belong somewhere, after meeting for a coffee with a friend yesterday morning I had a discussion with current incumbent of Ealing's Bond Street Pop up Shop (that I'll be a tenant of for 2 weeks at the start of August - more on this later).
Wine - This is what they do

The business he's a part of is a Wine Bar (in Acton) and Wine a shop - he really knows his business and is a fine example of finding and servicing a niche - very admirable, if you want wine (or cider or beer) I'd recommend talking to him

The business is Park + Bridge and they've now signed up with deliveroo too.


I struggle endlessly to contextualise various figures, discoveries and developments.

It occurs to me if I was a teacher in School I'd create, initially blank  for my class a timeline  (perhaps with year zero the birth of Jesus) which through the year we'd populate through our time together - hopefully no 'absolute' creationists to contend with.
A similar idea is tackled by this

How useful it is to realise that Greek civilisation is reaching it's peak as Christianity is taking its first steps - what was happening as Shakespeare wrote his plays - its not just about events but what proceed them and the effects we see after them - (Maths, Art   and Science are all on the timeline too).

[Looking on Google - it's good to find an internet device which takes this on somewhat - at least 400 years of it anyway]

Red 110

Unmistakably red
The Lady in Red

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