Sunday, July 24, 2016

UK Politics(my view) and Red 100

It's going to be hard for Theresa may to resist an early-ish election while Labour is in such disarray.

Just when you think it can't get much worse for Labour who were was until fairly recently the UK's ruling party - it goes and gets much worse.
UK politics - only united in Tea

The idea that Jeremy Corbyn's 'troops' should engage in subterfuge at the level where computers are hacked  might seems a step too far but such is the mania for conspiracies in left wing  factions that it does have a ring of credibility about it.

Politics remains compelling to many of us.

 A rapprochement between the Labour party members and its political representatives at Westminster  does not look possible but infighting within the Conservatives may be only temporarily halted - there's going to be some difficulties (despite Boris's continuing optimism) with trade  negotiations  and a predicted 'dip' on the economy may cause some outbreaks of blame- mongering, just because we're likely to leave the EU doesn't mean the poison between the Right and the Social democratic centre of the Conservatives is more than sleeping-  and  new possibilities undoubtedly remain. 


Red 100

The last day of 3 digits!
Many of the pictures have been about the subject but here's one where I actually like the composition too.
The red isn't physically overpowering but it does draw the eye to it.

A Red turban in Ealing Broadway - what is it about red head-wear?

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