Sunday, July 17, 2016

Back at Pho, Memories and Red 107

Pho New Broadway
Need more customers?

Having spoke with Mike of  Park + Bridge I've got some idea of what High Street rents can be along with staff these fixed costs can be tough for new and existing businesses.

Yesterday at Pho for lunch food (it's becoming popular with us)  and the service and food was fine but perhaps worrying that there were about as many staff as customers at around 2:00 pm on a fine Summer Saturday this could be bad news for long term future.


A great thing about BBC Radio iPlayer is that it can bring to your attention radio programmes that are away from your geographic location - I (just) managed to catch BBC Scotland's 'Memories are made of this' part of a series of programmes called Brainwaves.
Music can provide us with signposts to our past

The BBC radio page related also provides great links to get you further with the subject matter.

It (of course) was a long way from answering fully  the questions of how the brain works but it did help me recognise some of the salient issues in investigating memory  and focused me on the dichotomy around the brains physical and 'spiritual' makeup.

It seems that we now know that thoughts are translated into a physical change in the brain.

A concept and sensory experience such as a the smell of cheap perfume or a certain song really does trigger a reaction that can interact with the synapses and other brain hardware  - endlessly fascinating and I'm it's my intention to carry out some personal experiments to recover some of my own past.

Red 107

View of flowers taken from John's patch of garden last week

Red with a  touch of orange perhaps?

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