Monday, July 11, 2016

Politics realigning and Red 113

Time for more change at Westminster?
If you're a UK  political junky this last 4 weeks or so  has been the month you've  been dreaming of.

We've had talk before  about politics realigning and there have been a few false dawns in my lifetime  (both from the Liberals and the SDP) but with recent events there's a clearer reason for politicians to look at their party colleagues and despair.

It's not only the centrist Labour MPs who are looking with horror at their leadership, voices have been heard within the Conservative party indicating that some of their number would find it hard to remain with seemingly Right wing and untested Andrea Leadsom.

The other foreseeable change is that following the vote from England to Exit the EU Scottish independence is back on the agenda and if that becomes reality the chances of a declining Labour party assuming power either side of the border is fairly close to zero  - so in time  the Scottish opposition is likely to be a party to the right of the SNP (Scots Tories) and in the remains of the UK we could see a Social Democratic alliance  led by a resurgent Liberal party - would that be such a bad thing?
More MPs of conviction?

[A split in Labour would perhaps mean that many of the MPs would  leave  their constituency associations and would need an infrastructure the Lib-Dems  retain one despite their mauling at the last election]

The traditional industries like Steel and Coal are mere sideshows in our economy now and we're all living in middle class aspirational   households (well those who vote anyway)  - this future might not what many of us would have wished for but perhaps it's time to discard the old grudges of class and work towards a less conflict based politics.

Red 113

I don't know but getting the feeling this shop might be closing?

It's all about the signage

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