Monday, July 04, 2016

(Simply) Red 120

Simply Red and a funereal Holding Back The Years  
A few days back I was in Bermondsey and heard music coming from a church - slightly odd mixture  and I registered one song as 'Simply Red's Holding Back the Years - I thought that's a bit odd for a wedding but as I got closer I realised it was a memorial service - and it did seem quite appropriate particularly as I look at the lyrics.

The mood for the 'event' from what I could see was reflective and the thought and care that had been put into it was clear.

Well yesterday I put together a  'rough cut' Video compilation  using one of  NCH software's products (I reckon  it's very good and easy to use) what I'm calling  'Leap Year'.

St James's Church Bermondsey

The compilation which is  of course not finished (that'll be in November)  is  about 12 minutes long so far-  you can see it on YouTube  here.

Looking at it does seem like a period of personal time and each image has something of a story - highlighted by the 'Red' theme.

[I'll be updating, adding titles  and 'polishing' it too]

Below the newest...

Red 120

Feels like summer

Sun umbrellas near London's  River Thames

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