Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Butterfly wings and Red 98

There's a famous phrase that's forever associated with Chaos Theory and the idea that a flapping pair of  butterfly wings in Mexico can cause a hurricane in China.

The problem for mankind is that (correct though it may be) it fosters something of a feeling of hopelessness.

Hearing (again) this morning on the radio that the Arctic continues its thawing out and that the effect of this would mean even more absorption of heat by planet earth (the Snow/Frozen Sea reflects some away) is worrying to say the least.
Please don't flap those wings - goodness knows what might happen 

Temperatures globally are rising and worst case scenario is that rather than finding a new equilibrium which will allow life to continue the whole thing cascades out of control and human life becomes marginal and fraught.

Okay so it's of great concern but what (if anything) can I do?

What are climate change experts suggesting - if I walk rather than use the car will it be enough?
Many consider that we've got to the pointy of no return and our best bet is to make our remaining time as tolerable as we can.

(Also on the same radio programme while the spread of Drones for home deliveries was being discussed a guest pointed out while it was okay for one person to walk on the grass the effect of thousands was likely to do damage.)

Perhaps we should all pray or start building our rocket ships to Mars - oddly (perhaps) we continue to focus on the strangely trivial in our lives...

[And here are some tips if you're an optimist]

Red 98

And as if to emphasise it

Calm bears in their Red shirts just hanging around

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