Saturday, July 23, 2016

Problem solvers or experimenters and Red 101

I was thinking that it's rather  interesting to consider how we classify ourselves in a fairly binary manner
Some problem solving  should not be treated as  an Experiment

When I studied Horticulture a few years back one of the girls studying was generally very involved and (as were most of us) focused on 'being there'  - she had very much the idea (and used the phrase) that it was an 'experiment 'of  the various endeavours involved  - to me this reeks of positivity and adventure - great qualities.

In our darker moments perhaps we have something more serious and then it's more about solving a problem (like how do I put food on the table?).

Both worthy ways to confront bits of our lives but to be an experimenter (and Explorer) is often fun .

Keri's book
Noah Scalin changed my life

And talking about experiments (which over the last 250 days or so have sometimes been about problem solving) ...

A 365 name-check

Looking back at my Blog I found that the first mention of the 'Creativity'  project  in October 2013 and the idea of a Red theme in February last year - started in earnest last November and it feels like I'm in sight of the finishing tape (And there's hopefully a  bit of a metamorphosis taking place too).

So rather great to be in touch with book's author Noah Scalin and to get a namecheck on the excellent blog he runs.

You can see the latest iteration with some ambient music (called Light Awash by Kevin MacLeod)  of the experiment below - more to come!

[if you're interested in the meme of Creativity check out John Bradford's Blog]

Red 101

Just when you need it..

The other day (while wearing my Vinopolis T shirt) I was stopped in the King's Road (not a euphemism) and offered a free sample - and told to not drink it hopefully it wasn't..

a) Because I looked in need of it as someone with terrible skin


b) Someone who might drink it

Another unexpected donation from the 'Gods' 

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