Friday, July 15, 2016

May's changes and Red 109

Jacqui Smith was pretty much on the money when she praised the political astuteness of Theresa May in setting up her 'Tanks' on the central territory of the UK's political landscape - but  as more detail emerges the truth is that there's some rather worrying compromises and potentially destabilising changes being made.

I'm sufficiently old to recall Margaret Thatcher's 'healing' words on her first election victory - much that came after the words was divisive and mean spirited, I hope this will not be the case with May.
The building became DECC - Dept. of BREXIT next?

The idea that Department of Energy and Climate (DECC) change are to be subsumed into business certainly sends out a message that this area of intervention has become less important - hopefully a review of the way the UK energy market operates will produce some more positive direction for the Greener Tories.

As with many political trade offs what seems clever (politically) the re instatement of Boris in high cabinet office  at the Foreign Office is a high risk choice - Boris has insulted many countries and their leaders for a cheap laugh, all well and good for a panel show celebrity but not appropriate to the UK's international mouthpiece

In reality both Boris and Michael should have been given a 'cooling off' period rather than rewarding one attention seeker and perpetuating a feud that I fear will run and run.

Red 109

And this revealed by a trawl through my old vinyl

A record of the time (1973)

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