Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hunter Davies, Connections and Red 108

The Beatles  had a real ability to choose good people (with some exceptions)  to work with, be it the cartoonists who worked on Yellow Submarine, the artists who worked on their album covers even going as far as their 'official' biographer Hunter Davies.
So many stories still to emerge

Despite recently losing his wife of over 50 years Hunter still sounds chipper and hearing him this morning on the radio selecting his 'inheritance tracks' it was good to hear yet another Beatle story.

This one was about Beatle Paul who joined Hunter Davies's family during a Portuguese holiday and Paul let one of the four year olds take the wheel of the car (and change gear) - those freewheeling Sixties.


As well as categorizing people as Optimists or Pessimists I think you can consider if they're connected to you or not.

When you're a small child you tend to automatically associate with those you meet but as you develop experience might suggest that a level of suspicion is sensible - it's possible to move to a default of avoidance thinking you don't share experiences, tastes or interests.

When I'm going somewhere I tend to think other people are off to the same place and I've got something of a default to coincidences happening.

When I started chatting with local artists I thought they'd all know each other a sort of 'poncey' Stellar Street  commune vibe - forgetting that West London includes about a million people.

I've got an impression (often proved wrong) that the bulk of the population sees a lot of things as I do - hence I guess some dislocation around the UK's embrace of 'Brexit'.

Red 108

It's looking a bit worn but it's red

On the way up

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