Friday, July 08, 2016

Out of Nothing at All and Red 116

One man's rubbish...

I was in 'Town' yesterday on the way in I saw this £40  'Planter' outside a shop that specialised in 'up -cycled' furniture and home items

An adapted piece of woodwork

After my underground journey on the Piccadilly line I emerged at Leicester Square station and saw this (If I'd been in a car I'd have chucked it in the back!)

Crying out to be upcycled (or at least turned around)

Red 116

A shimmering red fireworks firm near Gunnersbury Park

I like the 'firework' hanging above the shop too
[When I studied horticulture at Capel Manor (and before this when I lived off Pope's Lane) I used to regularly visit this arcade of shops - ]
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