Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Computery stuff, Tory High Command and Red 112

As we live in the real world there are going to be queues at the Doctors and we're going to need our IT companies to have some sort of help desk - please take this into account when you're shopping around for Internet providers and paying your taxes.
Good old BT and their attractive Smarthub

For some time I've been hit by the occasional burst of 'Change your password' followed by more 'Change your password' messages from my BT Yahoo mail service - it got frustrating to say the least but BT does have a support desk and for some reason (not really sure if it's a problem with the service or Microsoft's  browsers) the workaround/solution is to use Google's Chrome browser, I'm not over the moon about this but it does seem to 'fix it'. It was with the help of BT that I got this solution

It's no fun going through a wait and try  this and now try this call but it did work and the person at the other end was helpful and patient.

I think plenty of other (and cheaper perhaps) providers would have taken more time and more aggro to arrive at this solution.

I've recently upgraded my Homehub to a BT Smart Hub, it's meant to be able to work at greater distances (more on that later) but I can say that it reduces my techie box count and looks (sad to say!) nicer  - BT instructions, delivery and support on this all good.

Government back

 As far as I can tell there's some goodwill towards our (UK) Prime Minister designate, soon to  ex Home Secretary  Theresa May - after a lot of uncertainty and some rather crazed wannabes it feels as though we've got a safe pair of hands taking the ball from the current 'failed' PM (David Cameron who sadly  put his warring party ahead of the Nation).

If we look back (not very far) at the bullets we've dodged she looks pretty good (but they were some frightening bullets), if she delivers on what she says society wise and gets a half good deal on the EU withdrawal, she'll be a formidable opponent to a (possibly) re-constituted Labour  - if she doesn't and the Tory Right wing continues to agitate -then see yesterday!

[Let's face it we've found out quite a bit about Boris (perhaps he's not got what it takes) , Michael Gove (he deals in intrigue), Andrea Leadsom ( a victim or  naïve?) and a bit too much about the candidate of the Left of the party Stephen Crabb - Now we need to see what reward they get from their new leader]

Red 112

'Red Brick' is a term we use less often unless we're doing the drive.

One (or several) Reds for the Bicksiteers amongst us

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