Sunday, July 03, 2016

London Sights/Sites and Red 121

I've remarked before on the effective disguising of Building Sites to be more like the Building Sights they'll ultimately be.

Here's another perspective.

Spotted this one in Garrick Street - hope the completed building looks as good.

Near Garrick Street -Better than a load of scaffolding


I'm not sure how the UK politics post Brexit vote will pan out - intrigue continues, the underlying seismic shifts could turn out to be a Rightward shift for Tories with Labour moving to inhabit the centre or conversely  while unresolved leadership issues persist  it seems Labour's continuing with a Leftward shift and a (perhaps)  newly invigorated centre.

Sadly the populace at large seems to be a mere sideshow for many of the power hungry combatants in the battles.

Red 121

Well the 'record ' is now at over two thirds complete and do get ready from some more diverse expressions of redness - and hopefully I'm going to get more input from others and a chance to reflect on what I've got from the endeavour.

Here's an Angry red graffiti image reminiscent of the Crimson King album,  In the Court of the Crimson King.

Anger is often associated with seeing red, blood rising etcetera

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