Saturday, July 30, 2016

Roald Dahl, BEAT featured 'Artist of the Week' and Red 94

During the 1970's there used to be a rather charming series of TV programmes commissioned by the then East of England ITV company 'Anglia' where Roald Dahl would introduce his stories of 'The Unexpected' they were well produced and glossy.
Not so unexpected 

The same man also created many successful Children's stories like Willy Wonka and  the recently filmed BFG.

I'm a regular late night user of BBC radio iPlayer and have heard a few of his stories read as part of celebrations around the 100 years since his birth what I've now discovered is something of  Roald Dahl's  amazing life particularly his war time work as a pilot - he writes so well and makes you realise what heroes there were at this time - many of our so called battles are so trivial in comparison.

On a plate

Somewhat less of an achievement than those of Roald ..

A slight honour

Well just as the opportunity to have the Picture of the Week in the Ealing Gazette seems to have pretty much dried up woke up to find that I will be BEAT's 'featured Artist of the Week next week - should hopefully be some of my favourite photo's being promoted on Social Media ahead of the big event in September

Red 94

Nice fresh ripe (and red)  Melon

Red as an example of ripe

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