Friday, July 22, 2016

UK Business as usual and Red 102

Now musing on our future after hearing a very good (but slightly dense) radio programme called How Low Can Rates Go ostensibly about how Interest Rates can go negative but in fact about the near cataclysmic economic times we're living through.
Was it a peasant's revolt?

Hard to reconcile Japan's rapid post WW II economic ascent with around 20 years of deflation and a flat lining economy - this now looking to be one of their most successful exports as developed world looks increasingly at no/lo growth.

Perhaps as some say we're facing a time when the relationship between capitalism and democracy will be redrawn (I'm told that there not endemically linked)

In truth many of us can cope well with situation we're in but without growth those near the bottom face little improvement and dynamics of 21st century begin to  look socially dangerous.


Westminster -Barely misses a beat 

In Westminster yesterday to see my brother and the atmosphere there was a bit 'end of term' as eventful political season moving to recess.

Struck by the way things have settled in the month since Brexit became a reality - establishment is able to move on in changed circumstances while barely missing a beat - what felt like an almighty peasants revolt begins to look little more than a slight swerve - as above though no improvements can be ultimately problematic.

Red 102

A Red crane towers over the temporary Portacabins being stacked on Haven Green as part of the Crossrail work at Broadway station.

A Red crane against the green hoardings and blue sky in Ealing

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