Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Growing stuff , Tory leadership and Red 119

#202 A 'Green and Pleasant' plot
So this year allotment is overwhelmingly Green but sadly crops so far minimal - first Courgette at the weekend (it was a whopper), and plenty of rhubarb and golden raspberries.
every other day at present

Battle has been between slugs, weather and  pigeons but I look at the 'project' as being successful if I get average of 50 pence of  produce a day (it's less that the rent) and this sis till possible.

Tory leadership  

The difference between the battles for Tory Leadership and Labour being that the winner of the battle for the soul of the Conservatives is that the successful candidate in the Tory leadership election will be  immediately leading the country.

Sadly Stephen Crabb the closest to a figure who could unite the nation is looking fairly unlikely to win and the battle looks to be between the centrist May and the (to me) far more Right wing and ideologically driven Leadsom.

I would urge those with a vote to use to support Crabb as his backstory and principles  should be welcomed by moderates within that particular rarefied  'elite'  electorate (MPs at first stage  this stage is where it will be whittled down to two for the party membership to select between).

The actions of UKIP as a force within the Conservative appear almost as worrying and Entryism tinged as the Momentum group within Labour and there have been attempts to imply a certain level of collusion between Leadsom and UKIP .

I'm not sure what extra money the Cabinet  experience lacking Angela is pledging to the NHS (as per the battle bus she shared)  or how she anticipates the Climate change agenda progressing but I instinctively shudder when I see her supporters include IDS and the controversial Chris Heaton-Harris MP

Very interesting - and perhaps a true analysis/report  here of the struggle within Tory Right for country's leadership and infighting- not sure if it's how things should be managed but it points more to 'cock-up' than conspiracy.

Red 119

Back to nature today - here's a Cherry

This one spotted before the birds did

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